To verify that the inverter is communicating with the battery, you must go to OS ONE. 

Once connected, check that you have selected the correct battery model by going to the "Settings" tab in the "Battery" section.

  • If you see a green dot with "Battery on" it means that your battery is communicating well with the inverter. You do not have a problem with the communication between the inverter and the battery.

  • If you see a flashing orange/yellow dot with "Battery detection in progress..." it means that the inverter is trying to communicate with the battery but that for the moment there is no return from the battery.

    In this case, first check that the LEDs on the "CAN" port of the inverter are blinking. You should see the 2 LEDs (orange and green) blinking very quickly and very weakly.

    - If this is not the case, it is possible that the cable used is not correct. Test with a multi-meter the continuity and help you with the connection diagram that you can find on this link: Connecting the Communication

    - However, if you can see the two LEDs, and you still have the status "Battery detection in progress ...", you should consult your battery dealer. It is possible that the BMS of the battery has a communication problem.