First of all you have to check that your inverter is compatible with the use of a Smart Meter. Please refer to the following article: Checking inveter Compatibility 

To install the Smart Meter to your IMEON installation, you need the Smart Meter and a RJ45 communication cable. You must pay attention to the distance between the inverter and the meter of your house (where your smart meter will be placed) because your RJ45 cable will have to be able to connect the 2 parts.

  The place where you place your smart meter is important for the proper functioning of the inverter. Below you will find a diagram to place the smart meter correctly.


The meter must be installed upstream of the inverter (on the public grid side).

You can then proceed to the connection between the smart meter and the inverter. On the inverter side, connect the cable on the RS485A port following the connections below.

Note: The length of the cable between the inverter and the meter must be at most 10m to 20m depending on the category of the cable used (minimum 6A single strand cable recommended). In case of a longer length, take into account the IEA-485 standard and the TSB-89 guide.

To confirm the correct communication between the inverter and the Smart Meter, check on your OS ONE interface that the "Smartmeter" icon (shown below) is highlighted and that you can see the power displayed. 

If this is not the case, follow the diagnostic procedure by clicking on the following link:  Diagnose Smartmeter problem