First, check that there is a cable between the inverter and the Smartmeter. This cable is necessary for proper communication. Check that it is correctly connected to the RS485A port of the inverter.

Once this is done, check that you have 2 LEDs flashing (one orange and one green), symbolizing the good communication between the inverter and the smart meter. 

If this is not the case :

  • Check the communication cable by performing a continuity test with a multimeter. Refer to the procedure described at this link Smartmeter installation to make sure that each pin is connected to the right place. If this is not the case, it will be necessary to modify the communication cable or even change it. 
  • Next, check the distance between the Smart Meter and the inverter. A too important distance can lead to electromagnetic disturbances and cause bad behavior. Try to shorten the distance as much as possible and test again.
  • Finally, if after these checks the communication is still not functional, send us an email specifying in the subject "Smartmeter communication not functional".