First of all, check that your batteries are compatible with IMEON inverter. To know if they are compatible click on this link: Check Battery Compatibility

Then you have to connect the power cables (Polarity + and -).



Caution: this connection presents electrical risks, and precautions must be taken during the various stages of the connection. It is therefore imperative to follow the steps on pages 65 and 66 of the installation guide.



Once the batteries are well connected with the inverter, check on the LCD screen that the inverter detects a voltage on the batteries. In the case of Lithium batteries, you must connect the CAN communication cable (BMS / UPS) before starting. Follow the procedure by clicking on this link: Communication wiring procedure

Then, you can connect to OS ONE to choose the model of the battery used.

To do this, go to the "Parameter" tab in the "Battery" section and choose the type of battery you are using from the drop-down list in the "Technology" parameter. Once done, do not forget to press OK to confirm the change.

Once selected, wait a few minutes for the battery to configure itself.

Finally, check that the battery and the inverter are communicating properly. Still on OS ONE, go to the "Settings" tab in the "Battery" section. Look at the color of the indicator located on the right of the "Battery Status" parameter.

If you see the green indicator with "Battery operating" it means that your battery is communicating well with the inverter.

If the indicator is not green, there may be a CAN communication problem between the lithium battery and the inverter. In this case, follow the diagnostic procedure by clicking on the following link:  Diagnose Communication Problem