You must first have a USB key and check that the format is "FAT32". Then you have to change the name of the key and replace it by "IMEON".

Then, download the file by clicking on the following link OS One containing the latest version of OS ONE. Once the download is complete you must copy the file directly root of the USB stick.

Finally, insert the USB key into one of the two USB slots of the inverter and wait for about 3 to 5 minutes for the software to update.

During the update, depending on the version of the software to be updated, it is normal to see the screen and/or the LEDs flashing. This indicates the status of the update. When you see an LED on the RS485A connector blinking, it means that the update is complete.

Following the update, restart the system (power off, then power on the inverter or the IMA-BOX when it is used).

After the restart, check in the OS.ONE "ABOUT" tab that the "Software version" setting corresponds to the version you have updated. Resume the settings because the update has reset them to the default values.