To access the monitoring platform and the OS ONE configuration software or to use a Smart Meter, you must first check that your inverter is compatible.

  • If you have a recent version of inverter, pay attention to the presence or not of METER (or RS485A) and Ethernet ports :




Your inverter already has everything you need to use both applications and to connect a Smartmeter. 


  • If you have an older version of inverter (not corresponding to the picture above)

Older versions of inverters don't have Ethernet and Wifi built into the inverter. It is easy to identify, there is no apparent wifi antenna. You will only find a USB port and a DB9 serial port.

In this case, your inverter requires the use of a "monitoring box" to be able to use the IMEON Online and OS ONE software and to connect a Smart Meter. If you want to get one you can contact your distributor and order one.

Otherwise you can use the IMEON Manager program to set up your inverter. See how to install IMEON Manager by clicking on this link: IMEON Manager