There is an overvoltage on the PV input of the inverter. This problem will cause irreversible damage to the electronics on the inverter. Please shut down the PV production and check the solar array sizing and installation. It is very likely that the voltage delivered by your array is too high for the inverter. 

To check this, take a multimeter and measure the voltage across your array. If it is higher than the maximum voltage recommended for the proper operation of your inverter, you must reduce the capacity of your array.

Attention: the voltage increases with a drop in temperature. It is necessary to foresee safety coefficients in order to choose the appropriate wiring. The ideal is to have a voltage Vmpp located in the middle of the operating range, and to have a Voc max x 1.2 below the maximum acceptable by the inverter. The parameters Vmpp (or Umpp) and Voc (or Uoc) are specified in the technical documentation of the panels. 

When you connect panels in series, the voltages are added together. For example, if you connect 10 panels in series of 41Voc and 33Vmpp, you will have a voltage Voc of 410Voc and Vmpp of 330V. It is then necessary to add a security to preserve the inverter by increasing the VoC max by 20%, in this example 410Voc x 1.2 = 492Voc. You must then check that the 492Voc is within the operating range of the inverter.