Your battery may be charged by the gird in the following cases:

- Balancing or trickle charge:

This can be a charge of the cells requested by the lithium battery (balancing charge or maintenance charge). It can occur "randomly" and sometimes for several days, mainly when the battery has not been fully charged for some time. You will not be able to use the batteries during this period.

It is the lithium battery that decides when it is necessary to re-balance the cells or calibrate the coulomb counter. You should see on OS ONE, in the "Settings" tab section "Battery" a flashing green dot in the right column next to "Battery Status".


- Scheduled charging:

You can have a battery charge by the network programmed in "charging controller". This charge is regular (for example, every Tuesday from 1h to 3h or every day from 17h to 18h / ...). You can easily modify this configuration by going to the following section: How to add/remove/schedule a battery charge from the network on a time slot?


- Retrofit activated :

You have the "retrofit" application activated. It detects a second solar installation and uses the excess energy of this second installation to charge the batteries.