Recall : To be able to use OS ONE, you must first check that your inverter is compatible with the OS ONE interface: Check compatibility

Once you have checked this, you must be present at the installation site and equipped with a computer, tablet or smartphone with an internet browser.

You must then simply connect to the inverter. To do this, go to the Wifi network manager of your computer/tablet/Smartphone, then scan the available Wifi networks. You should see a Wifi network named " IMEON-XXXXXXXXXX ", the " X " representing the serial number of your inverter.

Select it and connect using the password "BonjourImeon", respecting the upper and lower case (B and I). 

Once the connection is established, you must type in your internet browser the following address : for the IMEON 3.6 and for the IMEON 9.12


You will then arrive on the login page. You just have to log in using the following credentials:

                               -Name : user@local

                               -Password : password